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Great Baby Scissors

Piyo Piyo Yellow Baby Nail Scissors
Piyo Piyo

Safely and easily trim your baby’s nails with our carefully designed Piyo Piyo baby nail scissors. These nail scissors feature a rounded tip to prevent accidents while trimming baby’s tiny nails.

Product Ratings
  • “These scissors are very easy to use and do a great job on my son’s nails.” – Gail Leopold
  • “So easy to cut my baby’s nails.” – Marian
  • “Much easier and safer than nail clippers…I highly recommend these scissors.” – choosay

Simba Baby Safety Nail Cutter- Baby Safety Scissors-Manicure Accessory-Easy To Control than Fingernail Clipper-1 pc

Infant safety scissors. Round shape designed tips for added safety. Made of stainless steel.

Buying Guides
  • “They actually cut the nail, and it’s easy to use them despite my initial fear of being able to but my son’s finger while trimming.” – N. Weisbrod
  • “Cutting baby nails is very scary but these scissors make it easy.” – P. Smith
  • “Much better than regular baby clippers.” – Brenda Schmitt

Pigeon Nail Scissor (New Born Baby) Made in Japan

1. Ideal for trimming a newborn’s soft and delicate nails. 2.

Customer Reviews
  • “Great design and easy/safe to use.” – S. Cheng
  • “This product is very easy to use and you don’t feel afraid at all about hurting your baby.” – Linyu
  • “These are much easier and faster than ripping nails off, more sanitary than biting them, and safer to use than nail clippers.” – Anonymous

Dreambaby Manicure Set, Blue/yellow

This great set contains scissors, nail clipper and emery boards.

Customer Reviews
  • “Cutting a baby’s nails isn’t much fun, but with this scissors, it’s pretty easy.” – kobroic
  • “I am just using scissor to cut the nails and it worked very well us.” – V. Shah
  • “The emery boards are a nice feature since they do smooth down the nails gently.” – Adara

Piyo Piyo Yellow Baby Nail Scissors
Piyo Piyo

Safely and easily trim your baby’s nails with our carefully designed Piyo Piyo baby nail scissors. These nail scissors feature a rounded tip to prevent accidents while trimming baby’s tiny nails.

Consumer Reviews
  • “I understand that mistakes happen but this seems to happen too much to be an honest mistake.” – jsd
  • “Be cautious, I have order this twice and have still to receive the correct item.” – r brooding
  • “These scissors work beautifully and make trimming my newborn’s nails very easy and safe.” – JMPENS

Tiny Bites Food Shears
Tiny Bites Inc

Tiny Bites Food Shears are award-winning portable kitchen scissors designed for parents to easily and efficiently cut their childrens food into small pieces to ensure safe consumption.

Product Ratings
  • “Perfect for cutting my kid’s food when we are on the go.” – Kaulgal
  • “Very useful scissors, very easy to use.” – Michelle Lim
  • “These shears are made well for baby food, not too small and fits my hands nicely.” – JLo C.

JAPONESQUE Hair Shears, Giraffe

The Japonesque baby hair shears are handcrafted to trim baby’s fine hair with precision and ease. These professional-quality slim blade shears are perfect for detail cutting and point trimming and are designed with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip.

Customer Reviews
  • “Very sharp and easy to handle.” – F. Chin
  • “I also like the fact that the tips are rounded, to minimize and chance of accidental poking if little one moves around.” – KrisRN929
  • “He loves the giraffe shape and the little cap is a great distraction!” – Sarah Hoxit

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors in Yellow
Piyo Piyo

830174Y Features: -Nail scissors.-For easy trimming of baby’s nails to prevent baby from scratching skin and face.-Round tips help to avoid accidents.

Baby Scissors Reviews
  • “Much easier than using baby nail clippers.” – DB
  • “These scissors work remarkably well and make cutting baby’s nails so easy and safe!” – maura
  • “They slip easily between the nail and the skin so there is never any fear of cutting our poor baby again.” – Dakota750

Princess Care SoloC SS Curved Tip Baby Nail Scissors
Princess Care

This is a Princess Care Solo SS Baby Nail Scissors made from High Tempered Surgical Precision 420C stainless steel with mirror polish finish. Lifetime long lasting blades and hand honed precision tips marked for professional use in the Health and Beauty Industry, personal care beauty – manicure pedicure beauty.

Product Comparisons
  • “Great baby nail scissors!” – Amy Helfrich
  • “I would highly recommend these for any newborn & infant.” – KL
  • “I’m not a scissors expert but these just do not cut correctly – not as good as the 30 yr old pair I wasvtrying to replace.” – Illana H. Weintraub

Melissa & Doug Child-Safe Scissor Set
Melissa & Doug
Product Ratings
  • “These scissors do not cut well at all!” – SmeeBond
  • “These are great for teaching a toddler how to use scissors.” – Autumn
  • “My 2 year old daughter loves these scissors.” – Kara Boo

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