Best Fabric Scissors

Choosing one from a variety of fabric scissors is a difficult job, right? Don’t worry, our page is for you.

Below we list the most popular fabric scissors available on the market today. They are known for their high quality. There are also hundreds of customer’s reviews that you can refer to.

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Top Fabric Scissors

Singer 8-1/2-Inch Fabric Scissors with Comfort Grip

The Singer 8-1/2-inch Fabric Scissor with Comfort Grip Handles are guaranteed for LIFE. The comfort grip handles are rubberized to make cutting easier on your fingers.

Customer Reviews
  • “They are very comfort to use and very sharp.” – 2blssed
  • “I definitely recommend these scissors.” – shopper mom
  • “They are nice sewing scissors, will use for only fabric to avoid dulling them out.” – Supstate

Scotch Precision Scissor, 8-Inches (1448)

Scotch Precision 8 Scissors come with the finest quality stainless steel blades for a sharp edge and long cutting life. These scissors also comes with a soft grip handles for ease of use.

Product Research
  • “Feel good in your hand They cut VERY well and are sharp.” – Weatherman
  • “The cut both paper and fabric and are well made.” – Dianne Schuman
  • “I have small hands, and all my fingers fit comfortably inside of the handle.” – BobbieK

Fiskars 175800-1002 8-Inch Razor-Edge Softgrip Bent Scissors

Bent Razor Edge Scissors feature a soft grip handle that is unexpectedly comfortable with the same excellent function as always these soft grip handles make cutting easy and relaxed bringing a new level of comfort to work.

Consumer Reports
  • “It is very sharp, durable, comfortable to hold and looks nice.” – Glen
  • “These are expensive, high quality Fiskars scissors.” – S. Power
  • “Super sharp and cuts fabric like butter.” – Robyn Tippins

Singer 8-1/2-Inch Professional Series Scissors Heavy Duty Bent

Exceptionally strong scissors for multi-layer fabric cutting. Razor sharp for effortless cutting. Tempered steel blades are ground on both sides for increased sharpness; longer life and smooth cutting.

Product Ratings
  • “They cut several layers of thick material easily.” – Robert Minnie
  • “These scissors are great, feel good in my hand and cut very good.” – J. Miller
  • “They are very good, made by Singer.” – ginger AZ

Fiskars 8-Inch Quality Forged Razor-Edged Bent Scissors

Quality Forged Razor-Edged Bent Scissors. Designed for long life and durability these forged scissors cut through multiple layers of fabric with ease.

Consumer Guide
  • “These scissors are very nice, comfortable to use and cut well.” – HelenC
  • “Lovely sharp, heavy scissors cut through fabric like a hot knife through butter.” – MariaO
  • “I wanted quality scissors and I am happy with this purchase.” – Tim Stone

Fiskars 170810-1001 Amplify Razor Edge Fabric Shears, 8-Inch

Amplify technologyWhen Amplify technology senses blade separation, the floating blade tang transfers energy to the torsion bar to adjust the blade to its optimal angle view largerAmplify technologyWhen Amplify technology senses blade separation, the floating blade tang transfers energy to the torsion bar to adjust the blade to its optimal angle.

  • “These Fiskars are heavy duty, designed for cutting through multiple layers of thick fabrics, like denim, twill, suede, leather, and so forth.” – Orianna
  • “These are very fine shears and well worth their slight premium pricing.” – J. SPIEGEL
  • “Love these scissors — they are comfortable to use, are a nice sturdy balanced weight, very sharp and all around fantastic cutting tools.” – Bradley J. Brisco

Scotch 8-Inch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors, 3-Pack (1458-3AMZ)

Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors are ideal for fabric, crafts and photos. Titanium-fused blades stay sharp beyond 100,000 cuts – longer than stainless steel blades.

Buying Guides
  • “And they’re very sharp, and cut smoothly.” – Carol M
  • “So, finding a good quality scissor in bulk is a major find for me.” – Ilene Jones
  • “I found these to be great every day scissors in both the kitchen and around the house.” – PennyPincher

Fiskars 8-Inch Softouch Spring Action Razor Edged Scissor

Unlike conventional scissor blades. Fiskars’ Razor-edged blades are precision-ground and hand buffed to a 30-Degree angle. That steeper blade angle means smooth effortless cutting even through multiple layers of the toughest materials.

Product Comparisons
  • “These scissors are very sharp and so comfortable.” – g. firstname
  • “As a sewer, I cut a lot of fabric and these do multiple layers with ease.” – Helen L
  • “Even if I didn’t have arthritis in my hand, I would love these scissors.” – Sulyn

Gingher 01-005292 Goldhandle Knife Edge Bent Trimmers, 8-Inch

Dressmaker Shears offer a longer cut ideal for cutting patterns, trimming seams or cutting long swaths of fabric and a gold-plated handle adds an unmistakable touch of sophistication.

Expert Advice
  • “Very sharp and heavy duty.” – Bruce
  • “Never use any other type of scissors!” – Lyn Steinberg
  • “My wife absolutely loves this product.” – M. Muilenburg

Hip Girl Boutique Ultra Sharp 9 Inch Fabric Pinking Scissors/Shears

Ultra Sharp 9-inch Pinking Shears are premium quality for cutting light to heavy weight fabrics. Use for putting finished edges on fabrics seams and various craft projects with a zigzag design which helps prevent unraveling.

Product Comparisons
  • “They are very easy to use and not at all heavy.” – Alta Harbold
  • “I can easily cut through fabric with them with much ease.” – Annie
  • “They work great for the small sewing projects I do.” – happymommy

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