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As a result of that terrible shopping, I tried every means I could to collect the best reviewed fingernail scissors with the highest customer satisfaction.

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Top Recommended Fingernail Scissors

Princess Care ® Solo SS Straight Tip Manicure Nail Scissors
Princess Care

This is a Princess Care Solo SS Straight Tip Nail Scissors made from High Tempered Surgical Precision 420C stainless steel with High Mirror Polish. Lifetime long lasting blades and hand honed precision tips marked for professional use in the Health and Beauty Industry, personal care beauty – manicure pedicure beauty.

LaCross Nail Scissors Extra Strong
La Cross

Extra Strong Blades Easily Trim Nails With Precision

Seki Edge Acrylic Nail Scissors
Seki Edge

The acrylic nail scissor has a serrated cutting edge that grips while you cut your nails, meaning it will not slip with cutting. The sharp stainless steel edges cut both acrylic nails and toenails.

Buyers Guide
  • “This works great and would highly recommend to others looking for something that really does the job.” – B.L. of Iselin
  • “Well made and easy to use.” – Smith Average
  • “Just sailed across my toenails and the nail on my big toe is kinda thick but these cut really nice.” – these pretzels r making me thi…

Tweezerman Cuticle Scissors

Tweezerman Nickel Plated Cuticle Scissor is practical, budget-friendly, with a precise cutting edge that will last a lifetime.

Simba Baby Safety Nail Cutter- Baby Safety Scissors-Manicure Accessory-Easy To Control than Fingernail Clipper-1 pc

Infant safety scissors. Round shape designed tips for added safety. Made of stainless steel.

Buyers Guide
  • “These scissors are the perfect size for baby’s nails and are easy to use.” – Abby Lia
  • “Even when he is squirming, I am able to get a close trim on his nails without cutting his skin.” – Melissa Meredith
  • “Much better than regular baby clippers.” – Brenda Schmitt

Tweezerman Yellow Baby Nail Scissors with file

Our specially designed baby nail scissors feature precise stainless steel blades and rounded tips for safety. Rubberized handles for comfortable grip.

Product Comparisons
  • “These nail scissors are so easy to use, they are sharp and quick yet blunted in the right place so that you can’t accidently cut your baby’s finger.” – naturopathicnd
  • “And while they are pricey they are truly worth every penny!” – MamaRed
  • “I started using them when my baby was only a few weeks old, now she is 4 months and they still work great.” – Nikki

Seki Edge Ss-202 Professional Nail Nipper, Stainless Steel
Seki Edge

The Professional Nail Nipper makes cutting nails easily. The powerful blades cuts the thickest nails with ease. The double spring design allows for a smooth cutting motion.

Buying Guides
  • “Very sharp and easy to use.” – John M. Wolfe
  • “Even the finger nails clippers are tough enough to use for toe nails.” – Burnrub
  • “This clipper is really, really sharp and cleanly cuts through the toughest nails.” – RJC

Revlon Toenail Scissors

2835-10. Pedicure. New stain finish. Trims toenails safely & easily. Stainless steel. Toenail Scissors: Trims tough toenails safely and easily. Perfectly aligned, curved blades for precision trimming. …

Buying Guides
  • “Strong and perfect for cutting thick toenails.” – Kristina
  • “SO much better than clippers!” – Libby
  • “Thicker and shorter blades then the fingernails scissors makes them easy to operate.” – Anna Maria

Tweezerman Children's Nail Care Kit

Everything needed to keep baby’s feet and toes trimmed and groomed to prevent scratches and cuts. Kit contains yellow stainless steel baby nail scissors, soft bristle nail brush with yellow handle, children’s two-sided file with bear print and baby nail clipper with tear drop design.

  • “I love the scissors for cutting my baby’s nails.” – Barbara Tibbs
  • “The new scissors were dull and a total waste of money.” – P. P. Barragate
  • “Shame on you Tweezerman for luring mother’s into overspending for a useless kit.” – Duchess in Denim

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Nail Scissors

Sharp, heavy-duty curved blades for trimming fingernails and toenails. Elegant design. Stainless steel.

  • “These are excellent nail scissors – I don’t like to go to the salon for pedicures – these were a great purchase.” – Jenny Lind
  • “They are effectively unusable.” – Stephen P. Richman
  • “Cons: I think the scissors are too thick.” – C. Pepper

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